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Roadone HF71 Transport Truck Tires (Steering/Trailer)


Roadone HF71 Transport Truck Tires (Steering/Trailer)


Roadone HF71 Transport Truck Tires (Steering/Trailer)

-11R22.5 16PR 146/143L

-Made with virgin rubber

-Designed for long distance, high speed in high-way, national roads

-Optimized profile design, special fine pattern treatment, improve the grip of slippery road, safe, comfortable, and fuel saving.

-The high-speed special super wearable tread recipe design ensures higher mileage in mixed road conditions such as high speed and national road.

-Special cap structure and specific 4 belt cap design, low heating recipe, optimized shoulder design, effectively reduce rolling resistance, environmental protection, ensure multiple retreading of tires.


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